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Hair Transplants for African American Patients

FUE hair restoration was traditionally not utilized for African American patients. This is because African American hair follicles are usually sharply curved under the skin, which makes their removal more challenging than typical Caucasian or Asian hair follicles.

However, with the advent of the new FUE technologies, hair transplantation without linear scars has finally become a reality, even for these challenging hair follicle cases. Hair transplant scarring is especially of concern for African Americans because of the high chance of these patients developing raised keloidal tissue post procedure. Therefore, performance of the strip type hair transplantation carries a high risk of irreversible stigmata of hair transplantation.

African American man with full head of hair

What to Expect

Although FUE hair transplantation does produce some micro-scars on the scalp, these are not conspicuous – in our experience, our African American patients have never presented with a keloidal FUE scar.

In our practice, we utilize both the ARTAS robotic hair transplant system and the Neoograft for hair restoration in African American women and men.

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