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Chicago, IL’s Experts in Asian Hair Transplants

People once believed those of Asian descent had significantly lower instances of pattern baldness than those of Caucasian descent. This misnomer has been proven false by research showing Asian populations have an increase in pattern baldness for undetermined reasons. Having a full head of hair is a point of pride in people regardless of ethnicity, and New Horizons Robotic Hair Transplant Center of Chicago helps Asian patients restore hair locks in Skokie and Chicago, IL with Asian hair transplants. People have tried many methods to regrow or replace lost hair, but various methods may not produce the results that live up to their expectations. We use proven hair transplant technologies to give you natural-looking results, such as FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair restoration.

asian man combing hair

Benefits of FUE Hair Transplants

Asian clients with hair loss can enjoy many benefits of FUE hair restoration technology in the transplant and healing processes. A few of the top benefits include the following:

  • During the follicular unit extraction process, the most ideal follicles to harvest are the thick, straight follicles. Asian patients’ follicles get higher graft survival rates and lower transection rates because of this unique disposition.
  • Through FUE, we don’t have to excise a strip of flesh from the mid-posterior scalp and instead extract individual follicular units from other places. We can resolve a harsh or crowded hairline by harvesting follicles from thinner-growing areas like behind the ears or the nape of a patient’s neck.
  • Asian patients have a higher tendency to develop keloids, or hard growths of extra scar tissue, during the healing process. The FUE hair transplant process does not use a scalpel, which alleviates the risk of keloids while we restore a patient’s hair.

Demands of Restoring Hair in Asian Patients

Asian people are known to grow the thickest scalp follicles of any ethnic group, giving their hair an especially dense and plentiful appearance. If surgery is needed to restore their lost hair, the fewer hairs per square centimeter can pose a problem. Because of Asians’ thicker hair caliber, a transplanted hairline can look harsh and fake. New Horizons Robotic Hair Transplant Center of Chicago resolves this issue during FUE hair transplants by extracting finer hairs from a patient’s nape and other areas and places them in the front of the hairline for a softer, more natural look. The results of our Asian hair transplants restore a patient’s hair’s fullness and effectively recover the areas affected by hair loss.

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