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Advantages of Body to Scalp Hair Transplants

Hair restoration depends highly on having enough donor follicular units to cover balding areas on the scalp. For the majority of men, there are enough follicular units in the so called “safe zone” on the back and sides of the scalp to accomplish hair restoration goals. In fact, these hairs are the best for hair restoration.

However, in some cases, safe zone harvesting is not an option. Some patients simply may not have enough hair left, or perhaps there is scarring in these areas as a result of past FUT procedures which damaged the follicular units.

man with thick hair

About Body to Scalp Hair Transplants

With the development of FUE procedures, there is finally another solution – a body to scalp hair transplant. Neograft technology allows for the harvesting of hairs literally from any part of the body in order to cover defects on the scalp. We have used hair from the beard, back, chest, arms, legs, and even pubic area with great success.

Although body hair is usually thinner, sometimes curly, and has prolonged resting periods, it provides for a great “filler” to provide more density. We have also used these body hair follicles to cover strip-donor sites and conceal conspicuous scaring in an effort to not to waste valuable “safe zone” follicles for such tasks.

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