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Transgender Hair Restoration in Chicago

Whether Male to Female (MTF) or Female to Male (FTM), transgender patients find, after their long passage to change, that one particular problem remains – hair restoration.

The patterns of male hair and female hair differ widely. Hair restoration procedures put the finishing touch on the masculine or feminine appearance.

transgender woman

We’re Here to Help

Dr. Turowski uses his technical skill, experience, and aesthetic sense to provide his patients with the most natural and appealing outcome to their hair restoration procedure.

Whatever hair restoration you need to complete your appearance and make you feel wonderful, Dr. Turowski and his team are here to help. Please give us a call and schedule a consultation. The doctor would love to talk with you.

For Male to Female Transgender Patients

The goal of hair transplantation for the MTF patient is to achieve a natural, smoother, more feminine look. This usually involves filling in any areas of male-pattern baldness, while at the same time, creating a female hairline.

Feminine Hairline

One of the most common hair restoration procedures to give a more female appearance involves a change to the hairline. A feminine hairline is lower, flatter, and rounder than its male counterpart.

Balding Crown & Male Pattern Baldness

Wearing a wig or hairpiece can get old and can be embarrassing. With hair restoration, we can cover bald areas with thicker, naturally growing hair.

Covering Surgical Scarring

Some cosmetic procedures can leave surgical scarring that needs to be covered up with hair restoration. This is often necessary as a result of forehead lowering procedures where hairline scarring is evident.

Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Two other distinguishing facial characteristics signifying gender are the eyebrows and eyelashes. Dr. Turowski and his team are expert in enhancing the proper gender appearance with eyebrow transplantation and eyelash implants.

For Female to Male Transgender Patients

Female to Male (FTM) transgender hair restoration can involve various different procedures to add masculinity to the head, face, and body. Dr. Turowski helps FTM transgender patients by creating a perfect pattern of natural hair growth to enhance the appearance of masculinity.

Chest Hair

An undeniable characteristic of the male is chest hair. With hair transplantation and restoration procedures, the FTM patient can have as much or as little chest hair as they desire.

Facial Hair

Many FTM patients are looking to add masculinity to their face with a beard, mustache, or sideburns.

Bald Spots

The testosterone taken as part of the transgender process can create bald spots or thinning hair. With transgender hair restoration procedures these can be filled in to give a full, natural, head of hair.

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